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CASA - Team


Sam’s been keeping clients on the right track, using her wealth of experience gained over the years. Sam started her career at one of the UK’s largest bookmakers and progressed to management accountant for two retail chains,  eventually moving on to a London based accountant’s firm. It was in Spain that Sam along with her sister that they had a eureka moment to start a bookkeeping company. The rest is history, CASA has never looked back since. 



Caren’s career started off in investment banking, working on all aspects of finance, eventually moving on to one of the UK’s largest banks, where her role continued to evolve and grow. Ok, in between Caren did her traveling thing and came back raring to go. Eventually Caren and Sam got together to form CASA and life has never been the same since, using all the skills that Caren had acquired.



Ryan joined CASA from leaving college and has learnt his trade from the CASA team. This has given him a real insight into quality bookkeeping and has applied these skills into running a group of clients on a day-to-day basis. Ryan works both in-house and at client locations.



Jacki initially worked as senior secretary at a worldwide engineering company before joining CASA. Jacki is the engine room of the company, applying her organisations skills to the teams. Ensuring that the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed, keeping up the high standards that is expected.



Charlotte has been working at CASA for a number of years and has a wealth of experience across the bookkeeping disciplines. Charlotte is one of those well organised people, everything has its place and that works really well with rest of the team and our clients.

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