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CASA - Proactive Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is the heart of any business

CASA’s proactive approach to bookkeeping, payroll and management report services is based on 15 years of understanding what clients really want and probably of equal importance, what is really needed to help develop and grow your business.

Naturally, accurate and timely reporting is paramount – but at CASA we don’t stop there. We provide reports and insight into your financial performance that reflects the actuals, while giving detailed information that lets you plan and develop the business.


Over the years we have developed a combination of remote and face to face working with the majority of our current clients, from sole traders, accountants and small to medium sized businesses in and around London. This long term experience has stood us in very good stead for the current climate we all find ourselves in, allowing CASA to give the quality of service and support that is expected by all our clients.

Our wide range of services from processing your supplier invoices, payroll and monthly reporting are adapted to your business. We believe that having this ability to tailor our services, fitting around your systems and working practices delivers greater efficiencies and encourages that real team spirit.


Our aim is to reduce the time you spend with your accountant, therefore reducing your costs. Our commitment to personalising your bookkeeping needs will ensure you feel at ease, as you concentrate on the core needs of your business. So if you want cash flow forecasting, or full service bookkeeping service, we are here with all the remote tools that are needed to run your accounts with efficiency, accuracy and a smile.


Please get in touch to see how CASA can help make your business secure for now and the future.

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