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Do your bookkeeping regularly!

This week I asked one of our clients if they had any paperwork ready for the last few months. We took them on about 6 months ago and we had over a year to catch up on. The client found it quite stressful and time consuming to get all of the information together, which is why we contacted them. They were a bit puzzled as to why we contacted them as they thought it only had to be done once a year.

Of course you can do this, but in our opinion there are so many benefits to doing your bookkeeping more regularly. The information is fresh in your mind, you are likely to be able to locate an invoice or receipt if it is more recent. It’s much less time consuming gathering a month’s paperwork than it is a whole years worth.

Do your bookkeeping regularly! If you need any help contact us:

📞 020 8610 9954

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